The Bajaj Dominar 400 provides itself with a great case for being a worthy alternative to the KTM 250 Duke. It packs a larger engine in a nutshell, produces more power and costs nearly Rs 30,000 less. The Dominar 400 also gets headlamps from LEDs and a more modern instrument cluster than the 250 Duke. 

So where are the Dominar things going wrong? While the engine of the Dominar 400 is based on the KTM 390 Duke, it has been tuned by Bajaj engineers to extract more efficiency and make it more rider-friendly. This means that you are losing out on the raw aggression that is associated with KTM engines. Which might be a no - no out there for performance-focused buyers. 

Bajaj, however, is supposed to launch a more powerful, feature-rich and premium Dominar 400 soon, more in line with the pricing of the 250 Duke. Can it attract potential KTM buyers? We're going to keep our eye out for that.

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