The IIT-Madras reportedly listed a Bengaluru company as blacklist for the sale of 3 of its students. In the first round of placement season 2017-18, Triveni Turbine Limited made job offers to eight IIT people, four from IIT Madras and IIT-Bombay. Only four of the eight agreed to the offer. 

One of the Nitin Kumar students from the Aerospace Engineering University IIT-M recruitment team confirmed Express that the company had requested the resignation of all four recruits, among them one from IIM-Bombay. "We have registered, recruited, and received training in assembly for research and development. In July last year, I joined the company and received four months of theory and assembly training. Suddenly on 28 November, I received notification of my unsatisfactory performance and was asked to send the resignation letter the next day, "ruled Nitin. 

Nitin told the IIT-Madras Placement Office that he was complaining. "I have been informed of the blacklisting of this company. The process of registration for the first round of this year's placement was over. At the end of November, we were asked to resign. During the second round, the placement office asked me to sit in interviews. Manu Santhanam, IIT-M placement consultant, did not reply to Express calls.