At MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, smartphone manufacturer OnePlus makes no announcements, but it has a presence as a 5 G prototype mobile device. In a recent interview with USA Today, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed some details about the company's first 5 G phone — which could be called the OnePlus 7—including the fact that it will run a Snapdragon 855 chipset and X50 modem— the latter being key to 5 G connectivity. Lau also confirmed that a 4 G LTE variant of the same device would be made by OnePlus (mainly for the US market), with minimal differences between the two. 

No water Drop No Noch but Come with Bigger Screen.
While OnePlus 5 G does not display any of the body of the handset, one thing is obvious: the screen is large here. It looks like the aspect ratio display is 21-9, which is a great display for watching movies that we just saw on the new Sony Xperia 1. However, we did want to ensure that we measured the screen and were able to confirm that, as you can see in image below, the screen we saw was indeed 21:9. 

There does not seem to be a note too, which means that we can have an unbroken view, even if we could not know whether the device will have bezels above and below the display. Only a slender chin below the display reduces the OnePlus6 and 6 T bezel size and we hope that OnePlus will continue this design with the OnePlus 7. 

If, however, a slim bezel approach continues, it raises the question where the front-facing camera is to be housed. Maybe there may be a snapshot that raises mechanically like Find X from Oppo, or the screen may slide down in order to reveal the camera that resembles Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Or perhaps a whole new way to solve the problem is going to come up. We have to wait and see. We have to wait and see. 

Comes With Full HD Screen.
Up to date, each OnePlus device has had a Full HD solution, so there's a growing demand for higher resolution displays on our phones for a number of years. But for OnePlus fans, there might be some good news. Ace Combat 7 was performed on the prototype device and after closer scanning, it looked impressive in quality (using the wireless Xbox controller, which we couldn't remove from behind the glass). 

The Galaxy S10 Plus was kept next to us (with QHD+ resolution enabled), and the qualities of both of them did not differ significantly–although we could not compare each other completely side-by-side. The fluidity of the game-play, as we flew through the air, was another highlight for us. There is a chance that OnePlus has also increased the screen refresh rate here. Also note that the game had just 20 MB of data installed in the phone, with the rest of the content streaming over 5 G without any lag or latency problems. 

This could all change, of course, before we see OnePlus 7 launch, but it does suggest that the company was nearly completed given the length of time needed to protect the design of the device. All 5 G phones that MWC (Mobile World Congress) has launched to date are the most extensive display in the mobile industry, packed with the latest phones, tablets, wearables and many more. TechRadar reports on the latest live from the show floor from Barcelona all week long. Learn all the new releases, along with the world-class analysis and advice for your next phone from our dedicated MWC 2019 hub.