The Jonas Brothers are back with new music officially. A few days after their reunion announced the new single "Sucker" by the band composed of Nick, Joe andKevin Jonas and a musical video. The track marks the first song for the trio in 6 years, with their respective leading ladies Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas showing their big coming back. 

The love life of the brothers has been in spotlight since Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra in December last year at a star study ceremony. In 2009 Kevin, oldest, married Danielle to his wife and in 2017 Joe suggested to his fiancée actor, Game of Thrones, Sophie.

From the time Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra in December of last year, the love life of the brothers became the focus of attention at a star course. Kevin, who was the oldest one, married Danielle to his wife in 2009, while Joe proposed Game of Thrones, Sophie, his fiancée actor in 2017.

The new Songs with New Title
The brothers describe their love for their respective ladies in their upbeat song. They sing on the chorus "I'm a sucker because of all the subliminal things (about you) no one knows about you" or "I am a sucker / say the word to you, and any road you take you know that you are going to find me everywhere blindly." 

The video depicts the group as they dance, eat, drink and celebrate in an exquisite manor house in stylish Alice Wonderland-themed ensembles. The brothers can be seen with their instruments Joe look all-black, Nick wears red pants and a jacket, and Kevin wears a red and black suit for sequins. The three women are also made in bright colorful costumes, including hats, shrouds, big joys and flappy dresses, or #jsisters. 

Danielle is seen walking with pink dresses and gloves at standout moments in the start of the video. Priyanka walks with large slippery shears and Sophie barks directions from a pink lever. The family is then treated to a picnic in the gardens and a luxurious dinner in the house. 

Sophie spits her drink into the water on a hilarious scene. Then, you spend time eating and drinking in a bath outside. In the end the red fencing masks and duel are worn by Kevin and Nick while Joe is shirtless when Sophie is watching. Every couple dancing with each other during the video has romantic moments. At the very end, for an artist, the Jonasses and their partners