Comparing the 250 Duke and the Classic 500 on the basis of numbers is nearly unfair. Yes, the KTM beats the offering of the Royal Enfield in nearly every department-be it power, features and even price. So where is the shine of the Classic 500? 

The new model of classic has a more torque, which comes in handy in slow-moving traffic, if we were just to look at the practical advantages. With negligible rider fatigue, the seating position is also quite comfortable.

Then there's the part of the feeling, where the Royal Enfield shines really. It sports a vintage old-school design that for most buyers continues to be the draw. Moreover, the community experience of Royal Enfield is leaps and bounds ahead of any single manufacturer of motorcycles in the country.

Bullet Classic 350 are Royal Enfield's highest-selling motorcycle, the Classic 500 is for someone who wants more power and extra grunt. It carries forward all the Classic range virtues but with the extra torque bonus that is useful when taking on the twisties of the mountains.The Classic 500, however, does not really justify the premium over the 350 as the difference in performance on the open highways is negligible while also being less frugal.