Sources indicate that early gains from BSE BSE Sensex ended in the negative field on Wednesday after 600 points of swinging between India and Pakistan in the midst of increased cross border tensions. Investors ' sentiments beat the Indian airspace in Jammu and the Poonch and Nowshera sectors after Pakistani fighter jets on Wednesday, experts say. 

After a positive note had been opened, Sensex had more than 600 share points when volatile sales by participants across the market turned to lower 68,28 points, or 0.19 %, at 35,905.43. Tuesday's measurement lost 239.67 points. The 50-share Nifty finished 28.65 points, which is less than 10.806.65 at the same time. It moved from 10,739.70 to 10,751.20 in the course of the day. "The Indian market has ended in the red day after the volatile meeting when tension between India and Pakistan escalated further" said Hemang Jani, Head Advisory at BNP Paribas, Sharekhan. 

The market can be expected to be volatile in the next few days, given political pressure. Investors are careful, looking for clarity about cross-border tension, adding that the fundamental principles of the Indian market remain strong. In the meantime, after a low of 71.58 against the dollar, the rupee depreciated 25 to 71.32.