Many of their stores will be shut down by four major chains. Victoria's Secret, Gap, JCPenney and Foot Locker are the American stores which can be found in almost any shopping mall. However, in the last 48 hours all four recently announced massive closures. In the following months, all four of them will shut down a huge total of 465 stores. Furthermore, Fox News reports that there could be many more closures. 

Just yesterday, after a less than adequate vacation season Gap announced that it would shut down around 230 of its stores. For two years, Gap has been struggling, with its total sales falling 7 %. Recently, they also announced their ties to Old Navy, their partner store. The goal is to change Gap's focus by reinventing its own brand and developing new marketing strategies. In the meantime, Foot Locker had a boost in sales and exceeding expectations during the holiday season. It wasn't good enough to secure the needed investors, however. 

This year, several stores in North America are shutting off yet another major retail company. Victoria's Secret announced that it plans to close 53 stores in North America with sales and business performance decreasing this year at Bloomberg. L Brands Inc., which owns the lingerie retailer, reported Bloomberg, made the announcement today, February 27. This major move to close several locations follows a decline in VS operations and sales. L Brands Inc. said that they are now reversing investment in the North America-wide lingerie chain that was once very popular, reports Bloomberg.

The report showed that in the last quarter of 2018, sales for VS companies in the United States and Canada fell to US$ 1,849,300, compared with the same period in 2018, from US$ 2,038,300.In the light of the decline in Victoria's Secret performance, we have significantly reduced investment of the company compared to our history, "the Bloomberg commented in a revenue commentary.For 2019, Victoria's Secret closes more than three times its annual average. In the past few years, Bloomberg reports that the brand has shut down an average of 15 stores every year. In 2018, for example, some 20 stores were shut down last year, reports Business Insider.

4.98 million people attended the show the year before in 2017. Not only that, but also many criticized the show, in particular after CMO Ed Razek made some controversial comments as to why trans or more-sized models were not included in the show, reports W Magazine.